I love recommending my favorite products, podcasts, recipes, you name it.  If I love it, I want to spread the word so others can feel the joy too and support their healthy lifestyles.



kitchen tools

  • Vitamix - A high powered blender makes life in the kitchen a breeze. I highly recommend this brand over other popular blenders (I've tried them and have always come back to the Vitamix).
  • Juicer - This was the first juicer I bought, back in 2011, and it's still going strong!  It's a great value for a centrifugal-type.  I've also added this Omega masticating juicer to my kitchen and love it too.
  • Sharp Knives - Quality cutlery is a non-negotiable if you're cooking at home.  I have a collection of Chef's knives, but this one just feels the best to me. 


  • Quote of the Day Show - Tune in daily for a quick pick-me-up and many ah-ha moments that just might change your life. I start each day off with this positive podcast. 
  • The Ultimate Health Podcast - The hosts of this show do an excellent job interviewing some of the best healers around. I could sit with a pencil in hand taking notes when I listen, but I'm usually in the car!
  • Aviva Romm's Natural MD Radio - Aviva is a Yale-trained MD, herbalist, midwife, ecologist and mom.  She's also a trail-blazer for women's health and doing her part to change healthcare. This woman is my superhero.
  • Christine Hassler: Over it & On With It - Therapist in a Podcast is how I'd explain this one.  Christine truly has a gift for digging into your soul (and your past) with a ton of compassion and a side of tough-love.  If you're feeling stuck with a certain life-situation, I bet you can find an episode that will help you have a breakthrough.